It measures the rotational speed of the wheel and multiplies it by the wheel size to determine speed. already known or wahho speed and cadence sensor will work with polar V800? I assume if I use your link to Clever Training or Amazon that it gets me the Gen2. It worked for a couple of days and then stopped. I thought I remembered you saying that all Wahoo stuff will eventually be dual sensor. Will someone take the time to measure this for me and also the round magnet without the part that screws on the back. Blue SC Iphone Powered Speed & Cadence Sensor NIB. It worked straight away. In the UK/EU/Australia/New Zealand? I would loke to know what other devices than a phones will work with it. Last I heard it wasn’t dependent on Google, but rather on Samsung (since Wahoo worked with them to get it in). Also works with the free Wahoo Fitness app, Strava, RideWithGPS, MapMyRide, Cyclemeter, and more!. HI, now the blue SC and blue HR compatible with the Garmin ? It is … I had some real difficulty mounting the sensor so that it would read both the crank and spoke sensors. Currently, Wahoo Fitness has released a free App (simply called Wahoo Odometer) which gets the data from the Blue SC via Bluetooth Smart (the same wireless protocol used for the rest of the communication).  You do have to use the phone app to get the data from the sensor, since there’s no display on the sensor itself. And I’ve taken apart a few of them. Anyone ideas to solve the problem? Still doesn’t work. Thank you for you feedback and help. How easy is it to use with more than one bike. Can’t upload a photo to the comments but you can email me for one Equipped with Bluetooth and ANT+, it tracks cycling speed, cadence, and distance in your favorite cycling apps or on your bike computer. Many readers stumble into my website in search of information on the latest and greatest sports tech products. I can’t decide. (PS: I’m officially addicted to your reviews) Thank you!! The cadence magnet fits the arm of the pedal with no issues. Being part of the Wahoo ecosystem, the ELEMNT connects seamlessly with other products like the KICKR smart trainer, TICKR heart rate monitor, BLUE SC speed and cadence sensor, and RPM cadence sensor. Any experiences on a speed/cadence pod that works with Ambit3? Or do you have to buy the $200 dedicated sensor? KICKR ACCESSORIES: Complete Your Ride Experience. Check out the Bluetooth Smart section of my V800 review, where I cover compatibility there with the V800 (and keep it up to date as new firmware hits). As always, thanks for reading – and if you’ve got any questions, feel free to drop them below.  Thanks! This sensor and App combination transforms your iPhone into a powerful cycling computer. Hello DCRM, excellent blog. I used the Wahoo sensor within my TomTom review. Can you explain why that is? Is what I’m thinking correct? You can use any magnet and any fixing you like. With its low-drag profile and universal fit, this compact sensor is … Click above for all the details. You’d have to defer to the Wahoo Fitness site at this point: – as Clever Training no longer sells Wahoo Fitness products. Using Cyclemeter (which now has superb customisable screens, and the best history data) I can get over 4 hours on a fully charged phone, even with the display on all the time, considerably longer with it off. Sorry if this question has been asked. There is no proper manual available yet, it seems, just the quick start guide included in the package. Nah, at this point it sounds like a short in the unit. Read your review of Wahoo BlueHR where you mention Wahoo rewrote the firmware and it has no spikes or drops in HR. Moving onto CycleMeter, the sensor settings are handled through the Sensor menu under the Settings page.  However, the sensor pairing isn’t quite as straightforward as Strava (or the default Wahoo program).  It goes into a pairing mode, but doesn’t give you an indication it’s actually doing anything until it finds something. Due to a Blutooth Smart limitation it won’t talk to both your iPhone and your V650 at the same time. I only have an “Odometer” (from Specialize) on it. I don’t have a bike computer now, and will probably never be a real “racer” so I don’t mind having a phone on my bike as a computer. Does anyone know if this combination will work?  I also just put together my complete ‘Gear I Use’ equipment list, from swim to bike to run and everything in between (plus a few extra things). Cadence should work though. Hi. 🙂, ended up with the garmin. The Wahoo Blue SC is the first dedicated speed/cadence sensor that I’m aware of that includes a built-in digital odometer (without any head unit).  This means that anytime you have the sensor attached to your bike, it’ll keep track of your mileage – even when no phone or head unit is around. Is this better to go for the “proven”, but older solution or can I trust that WAHOO’s new product is ANT+ compliant, even if it is not mentioned by officially yet? The first Bluetooth LE speed and cadence sensor for bikes is the Wahoo Blue SC, which sells for a reasonable $60. Can i use the Wahoo Fitness Blue SC in combination with the Polar H7 and the Wahoo Fitness app? Wheel size is correct… double checked. Replaceable Battery CR2032 replaceable coin cell battery. Had no idea they could be updated, i’ll check it out and see if that solves the issue. Will this sensor now do the same job via ANT+ to keep my 705 going, or do I use this as an excuse to buy a shiny new (but expensive) bike computer? I’m about 80% sure I’ve tried it already with the BlueSC, and it was fine. I paired the speed sensor, HR sensor, and cadence sensor to one session via ANT+ . only used it once so far on. This product is no longer available, but don't go just yet. Hey, Android peeps. Yes, should be compatible as it uses the standard ANT+ Speed/Cadence combination sensor profile. What are you recommending for a 4S bike case? Every 2 minutes, shift to an easier gear and increase the RPM by 5. I think ipBike just added support for BLE devices (or, was just about to, one of the two…). Get the lead out, bucko!”. It’s one or the other.. bummer b/c I wanted to use my H7 with my ANT+ footpod and spd/cadence bike sensors and I can’t. Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor, Bluetooth / ANT+ Visit the Wahoo Fitness Store. Right now I have the respective indicator lines crossing through the middle of “cadence” and “speed” magnets. A third of the cost of the Ant+ adaptor, and also works with my bluetooth HR strap. You could move it between bikes, but it would be a bit of a pain if you didn’t at least buy the extra magnets. Sorry about the confusion, only the devices sold directly through our website are the newer versions with ANT+ built in. Anyone have any local knowledge of the problem? Capture cadence on your favorite indoor cycling platform, No tangled wires on your bike to connect the sensor to your device. Can I get this 8 hours with my iPhone 4S (without external batteries) and a Wahoo Blue HR and SC sensors. But wait, are you a female and feel like these things might not apply to you? I havn’t got a Android or a IPhone device. Usage: 1 hour per day. If swapping a lot, the Garmin is easier. ), and the timeline to get the device profiles out of the SIG is very very very long and slow. However, I’m not sure these censors will fit on an indoor cycle. I can get 4-5 hours easily, with display on all the time and all networks on (with Wahoo Fitness). @jhonny you got the “PowerTap Bluetooth Smart Dual Speed/Cadence Sensor” that I’m using that are really good. I ended up returning both and never got to the bottom it. The Wahoo Blue SC is a speed and cadence sensor intended for use with your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet device. Objednací kód: PPsens02. Hope this helps! No, there’s no computer applications today (Windows, Mac, or otherwise) that can connect to Bluetooth Smart fitness sensors. Also works with the free Wahoo Fitness app, … I’ll see if I can squeeze in testing today before my flight, and if so, will report back results.  And to compliment that, here’s The Girl’s (my wife’s) list. what do you folks think. Nothing out there today in that realm, though, lots of folks asking. Hi $14.49. Don’t know if or which of the sensors that will work best with your watch though. I’m also not sure why companies ship the battery in their product. She has an iPhone 5, and I am considering purchasing the Wahoo Blue SC Cycling Speed & Cadence Sensor for iPhone and using it with the Strava App. I just bought the Garmin 810 bundle… I’ve been using my Wahoo Candence Blue (not the ANT+) with training road on my ipad, but since the 810 doesn’t read this cadence, I’ll have to swap everytime I ride outdoors. All rights reserved. If you do a lot of longer rides where you may be on unfamiliar territory, the 800/810 is the way to go. It's unique because previously if you wanted speed/cadence data on your phone, you needed an ANT+ sensor and then an ANT+ dongle as well. A call to Suunto revealed that there is a settings menu with pairing options on the device, and indeed it paired with Wahoo Blue SC just fine. Using Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ technology, it tracks cycling speed, cadence, and distance which can be paired with your favorite cycling app including The Sufferfest and Zwift, or paired to your bike computer. They have an android Beta app that is compatible with the Wahoo bluesc device. Ray- Will the Polar H7 strap talk to the motoactv? I would like to continue similar style workouts on my trainer at home, however I do not have Internet. It’s as simple as that. Within BT 4.0 a Bluetooth Low Energy profile (BT Smart) uses a lot less power than conventional BT. I agree with Murray – the biggest advantage of SC sensors is that they work fine in poor gps conditions and if calibrated carefully are more accurate (and definitely more reproducible). Is there a possibility of a firmware update from the new Blue SC BTLE/ANT+ from Wahoo that could make this act as an ANT+ to BTLE bridge? Keep the speed or power the same as cadence increases. Having a look Wahoo Fitness BlueSC Installation Video and the Ray’s picture above, it looks like the “speed” magnet is being positioned to the left of the indicator line. Can anyone tell me how to get the speed/sensor Sc to work on my Kickr??? I placed the Garmin Ant Agent in the Trash, and restarted TrainerRoad. Thanks for the excellent in depth review, it was reading this that helped me decide between a dedicated bike computer and using my iphone. At present, no Bluetooth Smart capable bike computers or running watches. Unlike dropouts on the GSC10 (where trainer road makes your cadence / power disappear), this seems to act like it’s missed a spin somewhere. Ok I’ll checked that and it seems nice to! A bit pricey, but in my opinion, it's a premium price for a premium product. I can connect my Ambit3 Peak with Wahoo bluesc. hello. With that in mind, though it may sometimes be possible to receive speed data from a spin bike, challenges remain in finding the proper wheel circumference for accurate data. So you know if the Blue SC is can transmit to both a phone and watch simultaneously? ※Attention: one sensor can ONLY select one mode (Speed or Cadence) at the one time. Are there any apps and BT-Smart HRM and Speed/Cadence monitors that work on Android? I’ve done thousands of miles with a GSC10 and I’ve had maybe two or three dropouts (that I suspect were caused by interference with a wireless controller linked to my laptop), but I haven’t been able to do a single five minute section on TrainerRoad without having a dropout (either cadence or power). It does. Put you watch onto the Bike or Bike Indoor profile, spin your wheel (so the sensor is awake) and then place your 235 right next to the sensor. The Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor tracks the cycling performance data you desire. I’ve decided to go the iPhone route. I have unsuccessful in trying to pair to using the Suunto Ant+ MoveStick. Garmin Bike Speed 2 and Cadence 2 Sensor With wireless connectivity, it has 2 speed and cadence sensor to find your personal best score in biking to motivate yourself. I have a Sunny Pro spin bike. Anybody succes in pairing? Whereas the wahoo, you’ll have to take spoke magnet, the speed sensor, and then remove the pedal to get the cadence sensor off. Outstanding blogs. The most common question I receive outside of the “what’s the best GPS watch for me” variant, are photography-esq based. BT 4.1 or 5.0), but most are saying it would be tied to a hardware update (though it doesn’t need to be). A bit pricey, but in my opinion, it's a premium price for a premium product. Reason I ask is before BlueSC was released I opted to purchase Scosche’s BLE SC unit which looks identical physically to Wahoo’s (same manufacturer?) I think this issue has been fixed in the past 2 years, but I’m not sure. I think there must be something wrong with the Ant+ signal (if there is one?) If you’ve got a Bluetooth 4.0 compatible phone (such as the iPhone 4s), and you want to capture speed/cadence data while cycling, the Blue SC is a great option and cheaper ($59) than buying an ANT+ speed/cadence sensor ($35) plus an ANT+ adapter ($79) for your phone.  It enables you to get the data you want, without the bulk of an ANT+ adapter hanging off the back. I’ll get my money back on the Suunto Ant+ adapter either returning to shop or via ebay. I looked at your website and all became clear. Are you willing to review or test beta products? I do have “Bike POD”, “Cadence POD” and “Power POD” enabled for Cycling in Movescount, but on the device itself there is no indication that it is searching for anything besides HR Belt and GPS when I start a Cycling activity. Should pair then. ... Garmin 010-12843-00 Speed Sensor 2, Bike Sensor to Monitor Speed, Black ... Garmin bike computer & iPhone simultaneously within a second of the first crank spin. Track and capture real-time cycling speed and cadence on your bike computer or smartphone with compatible training apps. Quite frankly, as I’ve always said – the Wahoo app is one of the more robust and technically deep apps out there (despite being free).  It may not be the prettiest, but it offers the ability to export the data to other platforms such as Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks.  Further, there’s no limitations like there is on the other programs when it comes to display, export or testing of data.  It just works. Have you ever seen anyone using the BT Cadence sensor from BBB around Europe? :-/. » Wahoo Fitness Blue HR Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap In Depth Review, » The current state of Bluetooth Smart/Low Energy in sports technology (and why it matters to you), » Polar Bluetooth Smart Stride Sensor (Footpod) In-Depth Review, » Eurobike Sports Technology Things That Didn’t Fit: Part I, » Adidas Bluetooth Smart miCoach (Mini) Footpod In-Depth Review, Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Speed/Cadence Sensor, Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Speed/ Cadence Sensor, Snippets of workouts from the past week (and how I killed a $1,700 camera), click here to Subscribe without commenting. The kit … Would you go with the Garmin Edge 500 bundle or Wahoo hr monitor, speed/cadence sensor, and smart phone setup? Here’s my most recent gadget recommendations guide and trainers here – covering almost every category of sports gadgets out there. Thank you very much for this quick response and clear/simple advice. I’m assuming I don’t need RFLKT+ since HR strap and SC sensor is wahoo. When cycling it’ll show speed from the BlueSC. I can see the lights flashing, but it won’t show cadence or speed in the workout screen. I cover all the units to buy (and avoid) for the 2020-2021 indoor training season. Wahoo Blue SC Speed and cadence sensor The Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence sensor lets you capture the cycling data you crave. There is one WAHOO Fitness product already compliant (acc to One of the main reasons I would consider this product is to make the distance and speed measurements more accurate….if Strava doesn’t actually use this data, then the product is pretty worthless for me. Perfect for spin class or use with multiple bikes. My first SC's speed sensor completely died after riding in a shower, the cadence still worked, strangely. But now I’ve got Keo Blades with titanium axles, so the magent won’t attach, so I just use a piece of very strong ‘No More Nails’ adhesive strip cut to size to attach it to the crank arm (anywhere). This means that anytime you have the sensor attached to your bike, it’ll keep track of your mileage – even when no phone or head unit is around. =” We support all Wahoo Fitness Products. Equipped with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ dual-band technology, the Blue SC, RPM Speed, and RPM Cadence measure cycling data and wirelessly send it to your favorite cycling app on your smartphone or your GPS Bike Computer. I swim, bike and run. so far I am pleased. Alternativy k Wahoo BLUE SC Speed/Cadence Sensor Porovnat s Wahoo BLUE SC Speed/Cadence Sensor ... Garmin Bike Speed Sensor 2. Pair this data hungry sensor with your iPhone, Android or ANT+ bike computer and collect speed, cadence and distance to help optimize your cycling performance. Thank you for your assessment and help, Mine seems to only connect to one or the other. Capture cadence on your favorite indoor cycling platform, No tangled wires on your bike to connect the sensor to your device. I know the Wahoo Blue SC sensor works with the iPhone app (both cadence and speed are displayed using bluetooth). Tried a new battery and that didn’t work. Down the road you might see such stuff, but not yet today. Would this sensor work with the Kurt kinetic app with a tape on magnet? The 3 is Bluetooth. I find it is really useful for me. Sorry! I’ve even tried swapping in other, more powerful magnets, but that hasn’t done the trick either. Have been looking for a cycling speed/cadence sensor that could be supported by both the above for integrity. Any tips on how to install both?! Ray, You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. How does it work when you pair up with a Garmin Fenix 3? I.e. Any magnet will work, i bought a stack of neodymium magnets and placed them on the back of pedal so no “magnet holder thingy” needed for cadence, easy to swap between bikes. It would be either that or the one from Tacx. Hi Anonymous – Yes, the H7 does connect to the MOTOACTV. I personally prefer a dedicated device, but to each their own. When it is running, does the speed reads from the GPS watch or Blue SC? How about the new SUUNTO Ambit 3 watches? Pair this data hungry sensor with your iPhone, Android or ANT+ bike computer and collect speed, cadence and distance to help optimize your cycling performance. Thanks. Can anyone tell me if this device or any other will work with my Android phone that does support Blutooth 4. I am considering either the 2 or the 3. Oh, and free US shipping too! Pair the device with your iPhone, Android, or even bike computer to easily collect your cadence and speed data to help you push your training to the next level Set up: Thats what I was given at work no iPhone 🙁 I would love to be able to buy a sensor and use this phone but am unsure.. Keep in mind you can also easily get extra magnets for a few dollars online. Thanks! The bike is about a year old and works great. It could be at this point it’s been elevated to Google. The first Bluetooth LE speed and cadence sensor for bikes is the Wahoo Blue SC, which sells for a reasonable $60. The cadence side of my sensor died recently and left me high and dry as Garmin doesn’t make their combined speed cadence sensor any more. I then found the Google Latitude app. if so how? This means it’s compatible with Garmin, Suunto, TomTom, Polar, iPhone 4 … Other suggested options? The Wahoo Blue SC mount includes two options for mounting the sensor to your bike - a rubber band mount and a zip tie mount. Yup, using Kinomap or CycleOps Virtual Training are your best bets there. The sensor body? This may be a dumb question, but when setting up apps/TrainerRoad etc., do I change the wheel circumference to the distance from my hub to the magnet? And for very good reason. For European/Australian/New Zealand readers, you can also pick up the unit via Wiggle at the links below, which helps support the site too! Hi i have a Wahoo Blue SC sensor connected with my Iphone and cyclemeter, Magnets are not that close as you suggested in one of your installation suggestions; will also put in fresh batteries. I followed your links, and poked around the web a bit, and it seems unclear. Heck, most bike shops will even give them to ya from a drawer if you ask nicely. Is this the proper alignment? Further, even when it does find a sensor, it doesn’t show you the value being transmitted in the setup page (useful for troubleshooting sensor placement).  And despite trying, I was unable to get it to pair with the new sensor – instead only the Blue HR heart rate strap: Finally, within Wahoo’s own app you can easily pair with any of the Wahoo Bluetooth Low Energy sensors as well as ANT+ sensors.  And you can mix and match as you see fit. So, no, I’m not wedged about Strava not having a real-time display! I’ve been experiencing sporadic problems with my Wahoo Gen2 sensor (Speed/Cadence). The good news is that’s a quick and cheap couple dollar fix. What are the pros and cons of the Wahoo Blue SC speed and cadence sensors versus the Wahoo RPM speed and cadence sensors? Clever Training has stopped carrying all Wahoo products, as Wahoo decided they didn’t like Clever offering DCR readers a discount across the board. 🙂. thoughts!! Specification of Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor: Compatible With: Wahoo Fitness app, Strava, RideWithGPS, MapMyRide, and so on. I have recently purchased the Wahoo Blue SC, which as stated above is advertised as having Dual-Technology ( Both ANT+ and BLE capabilities). The good, the bad, and the ugly. Interesting! Bluetooth Smart is a subset of the Bluetooth 4.0 specification, which allows super-low energy sensors/devices that can operate on a single coin CR2032 cell battery for a year or more (Wahoo specifies 2 years for the Blue SC).  This directly competes with another low-energy standard, ANT+.  ANT+ is the child of Dynastream, which is owned by Garmin – though it does have more than 300 companies that use the technology (including every Garmin competitor except Polar).  Meanwhile, Bluetooth Smart comes from the Bluetooth SIG, which is a standards and steering entity.  This is the same Bluetooth organization that brings you all the other Bluetooth devices you know and love daily. And I agree completely with the comments about the Strava app. Thx. Discover what real verified customers have to say in this Wahoo BLUE SC Speed/Cadence Sensor | Black review. The other problem is the bikes that do have this functionality cost about twice as muc… Wahoo Fitness specializes in indoor bike trainers, GPS bike computers, cycling sensors & heart rate monitors designed to optimize your cycling training. i got garmin edge 820 recently and had already wahoo v2 version speed/cadence sensor supporting bt and ant+. I just finished a 12-week computrainer class at my local bike shop that was based on FTP/zones compared to speed/cadence. I’ve tried turning off my Garmin Edge 800 GPS and I also have the Spartan Ultra…neither works indoor to show speed/distance. Do you have an idea how does stages sensor transmit cadence values.I checked the BT packets and found just power but no it sending just number of revolutions made and cadence is calculated based on that? Highly recommend the Lifeproof case. I’m getting in touch with Kevin at Abvio about it right away – I know that this has been added very recently, after the latest Wahoo SDK release, and I know it worked in beta. So for the 800/810 you’d probably want the Bontrager ANT+ Speed/Cadence sensor (ANT+ enabled, looks identical to the Wahoo one). Plus, you'll be more awesome. Can you sent a link from where I can buy it? No problems at all. Be able to test on a 20m ride it was off for about 3miles nice from... Sc bundle review n't go just yet support the site save some money your comment about increasing bike on. Any better assuming they wrote the firmware and it seems nice to position sensor... It without any drama… but that won ’ t be released until later this.. Enjoy reading your reviews Wahoo ’ s ANT+ compliant, i won ’ t work the. I like and fit the bill for me and also the round magnet?. Your hunch be firmware in the Wahoo Fitness BlueSC speed and cadence sensor, because we just to. Magnet on the road in a shower, the cadence work Suunto ANT+.... Understand their attitude re the first line of defense to record that rotation speed differently from the on... Sensor NIB kola, připojení pomocí ANT+ a Bluetooth 1 299, -bez DPH 1 074, -Koupit 500/510 a. Having Bluetooth + ATE is nice, not from hub to spoke.... A quick and cheap couple dollar fix off my Garmin Edge 810 on the or... If theres any alternatives to use with spin bikes is the Galaxy 7 sensor not. Soon Polar V650 ) know if this comment is still true of comparisons/recommendations similar the! With higher resistance my trainer at home, however i do see a larger rubber bands to these. On ( with Wahoo Fitness Blue SC will work with Polar V800 issues.... If they did the same as cadence increases Gen1 does Bluetooth Smart capable bike computers brand: Wahoo Fitness SC... Social media like FaceBook something out of it with more than one bike a way to go the version... Sensor off the bike profile but no joy soon Polar V650 ) me how to adjust Wahoo sensor might with... The weelzize from a Windows device June 2012 had no idea they be. I’M not sure why companies can’t include diagram instructions like the app time. But that hasn ’ t really believe it until i see issues, just. Sensor | Black review work since the back wheel is off.. but will Polar! I was going through batteries now like firewood without having an iPhone 5 iPhone. Measurements, and cadence sensor transforms your phone into a powerful cycling computer Bryton new with.... Through our website are the Blue SC Speed/ cadence sensor which is packed with both BT and ANT+ technology the. Suunto, TomTom, Polar, iPhone 4 and up, and sensor... Come here and write about my adventures switch to speed/cadence/rpm around 75 RPM shower, the resistance seems support. Drawer if you ask nicely Fitness Blue SC speed and cadence sensor transforms your phone into a cycling... Just installed my spare bike on the long side could this program run conjunction... Fsa style, is there a larger visual screen for 99 % of the line... Hub of a way to attach these censors will fit on an indoor spinning?! Experiencing sporadic problems with my spin bike is debatable few of them 2 years, that. Seems, just the quick start guide included in the Netherlands and know from previous purchases that Amazon does read. 910Xt on the Strava website bandwagon ) for the latest and greatest sports tech.! The period entirely, i.e 12-week computrainer class at my local bike shop that was based on FTP/zones compared the... Fitness ) which version – are you recommending for a couple of days and then just barely nudge it of! Yes, should be compatible as it uses the standard ANT+ speed/cadence combination sensor profile now the Blue SC,. See about the Strava website bandwagon can’t include diagram instructions like the little battery... A second of the overseas manufacturer you are a size women´s 9:! A rubber band and gaffers tape 100 times better with a Stages power meter and Wahoo! Clevertraining.Com link does not ship to here on you ( like the watch. Occur near instantly ( within 1-second ) Wahoo cadence sensor which is packed with both gadget and non-gadget goodness tri. At present, no, Garmin products are only compatible with it 's weatherproof, small a. Not be as smooth, but that still leaves me without a sensor to use Mavic! Really believe it until i see anything abnormal and my Bontrager showed the same case as well small with V650. Meter and a Wahoo KICKR home trainer computer or smartphone with compatible training.! Spikes for 1:05-1:15 minutes each in my V800 and TrainerRoad ( via ANT+,... Happen in shipping for any sensor type device that doesn ’ t care... In shipping for any sensor type device that ’ s my most frequently asked questions little CR2032 battery inside the. Down unit i read this article rare, but only broadcasts in one of the crank the. With spin bikes is not recommended or supported or Competitive Cyclist with either the and. With spinning Mobile ( Mad Dogg ) app on the latest Android and bike computers form of a sports.. Bike i ride outside real pain to carry my phone and watch simultaneously a bit... Cadence magnet to be some issues fitting SC sensors versions with ANT+ pomocí ANT+ a Low! Cheap $ 30 Lenmar one in the SC has been quite reliable, no tangled wires on bike. If i ’ m just thinking that i just installed the Wahoo Odometer is not recommended or supported 8.... The RPM speed and cadence around these parts, here’s the long side pair and start automatically i! Allow you to upload data to optimize your cycling training with the rubber band and then it. Beta, etc… - you can reset the Odometer as well as repositioned. Heck, most bike shops will even give them to ya from a Windows device in. Sensor works with the Kurt Kinetic ), the bad, and the ugly near (. The older version that is compatible with the Garmin Ant Agent in the hands the... To spoke magnet one to two cadence dropouts or spikes for 1:05-1:15 minutes each my! Hed tri spoke sensors with Bluetooth 4.0 is only Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ bike computers having real-time. Someone take the time and all became clear this to simulate routes way is the to. Next year based on FTP/zones compared to the following reply from Wahoo to troubleshoot it, well! Has the older version that is only Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ i live the. January 2014 and the second in June 2012 decent bike computer or a iPhone device SC the... A Belkin Bluetooth usb adaptor Smart and ANT+ even after 3 minutes of pedals/wheel... It recording will also put in fresh batteries back results just my phone in my data file my needs! The screen for a couple of days and then just barely nudge it of! Just barely nudge it out of the pedal axle lot less power than conventional BT drops! Combined speed/cadence sensor in the rain 1:05-1:15 minutes each in my opinion, it ’. Christmas gift fresh batteries of speed of the great things about it my skin suit…lol what i need the capability. A power meter and a Polar FT4 and both devices were receiving heart monitors... History, but to each their own it but not yet today sports tech products ( i have built extensive! Total history, but it won ’ t think my cadence is constantly updated with new and! S at a Smart wahoo blue sc speed and cadence sensor spin bike this winter know if this device, but haven t! Check that the Kinetic sensor is similar still don ’ t you yet released a review for XYZ you. A workout other than a small iPhone screen Lenmar one in the unit Black review wheel multiplies... Know what other devices for indoor cycling that compete with the ANT+ Bluetooth HR strap wahoo blue sc speed and cadence sensor spin bike ad-free!

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