In the civilian world, they also have a big following as their products are super-rugged and yet boast top-tier quality and finesse. The Trijicon AccuPoint 5-20x50 Riflescope will continue to impress with the ability to shoot in any light with flawless accuracy.Perfect for long range hunting, this Riflescope from Trijicon offers a dual-illumination system which automatically adjusts to your current lighting conditions and manual brightness override options to make acquiring your target easier than ever. The AccuPoint line can get you into a first-class, passively illuminated, variable-power optic for way less than the rest of the Trijicon family, and less than many similar scopes from similar brands. Designed primarily for varmint hunters and law enforcement snipers, since both applications require precision shot placement from long distances, the new Trijicon … I am shooting a tikka tac a1 6.5 cm . Nov 17, 2019 #1 Looking for optics for a kids hunting rifle (6.8spc or 6.5 Grendel) Goal-light ish in weight Illuminated reticle A reticle that can be used to a slight hold out to about 250yds. Focal Plane: Second Jan 23, 2020 #1 AkBirder300 Member. This scope will add some weight to your gun; without the sunshade the optic weighs 38.4 ounces, a not-inconsiderable size (and of course I want the sunshade). The drawbacks of Trijicon are price and that you will usually end up owning more than one of their products as they do not make do-it-all solutions. The Barnes ammo is very good and shoots well in both of these guns. Apparently Trijicon makes a 50mm sunshade for the AccuPoint, but it is not compatible with the AccuPower. The AccuPoint series has multi-layer coated lenses, which greatly add to the scope’s … I just couldn’t get as comfortable behind the Sabatti this time as I was the first time I shot it, since it hadn’t been tweaked for the newly added scope and mount, and the groups reflected that. Vortex razor hd gen 2. The newest Accupower offers a variety of features designed to assist shooters in acquiring and engaging targets at greater distances than … Bottom line? All of the ammo for this range session was Barnes Precision Match 6.5 Creedmoor 140gr OTM BT. Durability: * * * * Trijicon Accessories. Id like to put it on a 50bmg. Your rifle can be more budget-friendly; pour your cash into the glass. But I feel the Eotech combo is vastly inferior to a Trijicon ACOG 4x coupled with a Trijicon 1x red dot solution to match on top. I'll mount the Trijicon Accupoint in some QD mounts that work with my rail on the T3 BLK so I can switch back to the Micro if the need arises. The Trijicon AccuPoint ® and new Tenmile ® riflescopes are up to the challenge. The glass has the legendary Trijicon clarity, and the variable-power daytime dot in the middle (despite the fact that it’s battery-less you can still change the intensity) is not too big and not too small. Trijicon's AccuPoint and AccuPower riflescopes are variable power magnified optics with illuminated reticles that allow hunters and shooters to make precise shots in limited lighting conditions. The versatility of the Trijicon 4-16x50 AccuPoint gives tactical shooters long-range hunters and precision rifle shooters the ability to accurately extend their range in any light. Demand truly long-range precision and a premium feature set from the Trijicon AccuPoint 4-24x50. The scope I used had the Cross-Circle reticle (more about it shortly), but if you prefer, you can have it with Mil-Dot crosshair, green dot; Duplex crosshair, green dot; German #4 crosshair, green dot; MOA crosshair, green dot; Red Triangle Post; … Anyway, this mount deserves a full review of its own, but for now, it suffices to say that I’m bailing on LaRue for QD scope mounts and going with this company from now on. The nice feature to a first focal plane is the moa subtensions are always correct at any zoom power Because everything else on the scope is just too good to pass on. The Hornady groups I shot with it weren’t too bad (I didn’t measure or save them, but from what I recall they were ~2MOA), but the two Barnes groups I got were far tighter. TARS ® is the next level from Trijicon. It also has Return to Zero, a feature that comes in quite handy. Trijicon has a well-earned reputation for high quality optics, from the combat-proven ACOG to the Accupoint hunting scopes. Enter the Trijicon Accupower 5-50×56 Extreme Long Range Riflescope. LONG-RANGE SHOOTING Large calibers require riflescopes that can take a beating and maintain their zero. Central Alberta's Premier Indoor Shooting Range, Custom Gun Shop & Training Facility. Parallax Adjustment Range: 10 yds to infinity Famed premier optic’s company Trijicon is diving headfirst into the long range shooting world. Turns out they’ve been made in Michigan since the 80s. Speaking of the LMT, it liked the Barnes ammo quite a bit better than the Hornady I ran through it in a previous range session. The new Trijicon AccuPoint 5-20x50 riflescope, like others in the renowned Trijicon AccuPoint line of riflescopes, provides advanced, dual-illumination technology for optimum shooting in any light, with high transitional speed and pinpoint accuracy. Help Support Long Range Hunting : Join the LRH Team or . Field of View: 4.04° – 0.41° 10x 12x, is perfectly acceptable to 1K. Not sure. AccuPoint is a series of variable powered scopes, meant primarily for hunting and sport/competition shooting. The new Trijicon AccuPoint 5-20×50 riflescope is the company’s longest-range scope available in the AccuPoint line. Optics & Mounts - Trijicon - AccuPoint Optics Joined Aug 13, 2017 Messages 164. hey I already have a thread on SHV or VX5HD for low light. The Trijicon AccuPoint 2.5-12.5 x 42mm scope is ideally suited to provide shooters incredibly good sight pictures in close range to medium-long range distances. I want exceptional clarity and FOV from a long range optic plus easy zero and an ability to hold zero over time. With a quick trip back to LMT, they installed their newest two-stage in it, and it has the stock buffer and the new DMR stock. Best Long Range Rifle Scope Under $1000 Reviews ... #4 Trijicon TR23 AccuPoint 5-20×50 Riflescope. The crosshair suntensions are MADE to be correct at 40x. The gun is topped by a Leupold Mark 8 CQBSS 1.1-8X with the Horus H27D reticle on a Larue OBR QD mount. I was previously using scopes in the $450 dollar range and they were not even in the same ball park. If we follow the “1x per 100 yard” rule of thumb, we have an optic meant to be able to shoot out to 5000 yards which is not only currently impossible, but, should you choose to use this scope, would be actively detrimental, as it only has 100 MOA of overall elevation adjustment AND can’t use its reticle with any degree of certainty outside of either 5x or 50x. I put the AccuPoint 5-20X50 on a 30mm DLOC-M4 ZRODELTA mount, which I’m super duper pleased with. No you cant see just behind the front should of a ground rat at 500 yrds but sure helps quessing whats behind the cross hairs. I have checked the return to zero on the Micro several times already and have had no issues with POI change. The newest Accupower offers a variety of features designed to assist shooters in acquiring and engaging targets at greater distances than standard scopes allow. Sabatti STR @ 100yds, one group plus an accidental shot at the wrong target from another group. Night Reticle Color: Red/Green Im looking for glass around $400-$800, that's mil dot, dont care SFP or FFP (i feel like id prefer SFP), decent variable power to push out, and a brand i … The eye box was dramatically more forgiving than the Leupold at the maximum range. Nowdays you can get either for under $500, both have a basic illuminated dot, and have proved to be fairly durable for me. It doesn’t really compare to the Geissle it replaced, or to the Timney I have on my AR-15, but it’s leagues better than the stock trigger you’ll get on many rifles, and I’m comfortable with it. I am looking to get a scope for my Savage 10 BAS-K. Sep 4, 2016 #1 M. Michigan Chris Active Member. As for optics, this Accupower has multi-coated glass extra low dispersion glass to reduce glare and increase light gathering. But there is a lot more to Trijicon then the famous ACOG. Known for its superb clarity, the Accupoint uses tritium illumination that automatically regulates to the … And if you need assistance in determining mildot points of impact our staff will be glad to help. Trijicon markets the Accupoint scope for “shorter range shooting.” I’m not sure how they define that, but if I had to make a shot on a guy driving a moving vehicle 50 mph at 300 yards, into a 30 mph full value wind, it might be a little more difficult to make with this reticle, but that isn’t what it was designed for. Ultimately, I don’t think people give Trijicon enough consideration when they’re thinking about hunting optics, and that’s a mistake. It has a 56mm objective lens, too, meaning light transmission in low-light conditions is truly superior. Here’s what’s happened: Over the course of the long-range shooting clinic a few months ago, I took the time to set up the Sabatti’s fully adjustable stock to work with the Trijicon AccuPower 4.5-30 FFP that was mounted on it. That would make them invisible at 5x and way too thick at 50x. Reticle Pattern: MOA Crosshair for most of us that’s about 400 yards and under). These features make TARS an excellent selection for long range shooting. Example, Eotech HWS are jack-of-all trades solutions when you throw a 3x magnifier in. It’s wiser to spend more money on a quality scope than on your rifle. It seemed appropriate to mount it to the Palmetto State Armory .224 Valkyrie. The company reports FOV – field of view – as being 21.2 to 2.1 feet at 100 yards which translates to a broad FOV, making it easier for hunters to see what’s coming and track movement of potential targets with minimal shifting. AccuPoint is a series of variable powered scopes, meant primarily for hunting and sport/competition shooting. This AccuPoint comes with a 30mm tube, which is far superior to 1-inch (25.4 mm) tubes for light transmission and clarity of optical sighting. IT GOES UP TO 50! It’s my baby, my pride and joy. Like others in the renowned Trijicon AccuPoint line of riflescopes, the new Trijicon AccuPoint 5-20x50 provides advanced, dual-illumination technology for optimum long range shooting with pinpoint accuracy in any light. Trijicon produce a full range of milspec reflex sights, from the ultra compact Rugged Mini Reflex (RMR) and Specialised Reflex Optic (SRO), to the Mini Rifle Optic (MRO) providing advanced … for a new 6.5 SAUM build comming soon. TRIJICON AccuPoint? I am really sold on both the 1-4 Accupoint and the 1-4 Steiner as my default recommendation for someone looking for a great general purpose optic on a rifle. This is another one of those times. Trijicon, Inc., the world leader in Brilliant Aiming Solutions, is introducing its longest-range scope ever in its highly acclaimed, AccuPoint series. Best Uses For the Trijicon AccuPoint 5-20x50. Subscribe to our Magazines; Sign Up for Our Newsletter; Menu search Hunting Fishing Guns … The 40 MOA adjustment works out quite well up to 1000 - 1200 yards but may seem less on occasions for distances more than that. I have a Winchester 70 coyote lite in .270wsm that I am settting up for antelope, mule deer, and maybe long range whitetail. Though there are some very impressive 1-inch tube scopes on the market, I always favor the 30mm … I have been looking at the Trijicon 5-20x50 with a mildot reticle. Trijicon has announced the expansion of its AccuPoint riflescope series, with the addition of several more hunting reticles to the 3X-18X-50mm and 4X-24X-50mm models. There is one accidental discharge in one of the groups, and two accidental discharges in another. I am currently looking very hard at the ( … It has performed excellently for everything I have needed it to do; from perimeter observation on patrol, … Thread starter bruinte96; Start date Feb 13, 2013; Help Support Long Range Hunting : Join the LRH Team or . I personally have a Trijicon Accupoint 1-4 on my 13.7 gun (which has the 13" MK14, so a similar set-up to your URGI). Indeed, I’m actually glad I didn’t spend any time dialing in that Sabatti to fit this scope, and instead I just tossed it on there and rolled with it — this decision ended up turning me on to just how big a benefit the AccuPower’s eye relief is if you’re rotating it around to different guns. Here are some that we put an . Full Reticle … Super adjustable, lightweight, holds a position well in the wind, and an all-around great base for a spotting scope. The turrets aren’t quite as positive and snappy as those on the AccuPower 4.5-30 or as those on the Leupold, but they’re definitely good enough. This new AccuPoint model gives precision rifle shooters the ability to accurately extend their range in any light and most importantly—no batteries are needed. It’s basically the same thing as a LARPer but with Gucci taste.). Tube Size: 34mm Except maybe one thing. They have a lot of military contracts with optics such as the ACOG being used by the Marines. The Sabatti is a bolt-action chassis gun in 6.5 Creedmoor with a very long 26″ barrel. The illuminated reticle will work great for hogs, deer, prairie dogs, and coyotes. The Huron offers AccuPoint-like clarity and light transmission in a package that costs about $500 less than the company’s flagship hunting optic. : 100 MOA Windage Adjustment (total) 50 MOA, MOA Version (no open center with dot): The AccuPoint, in contrast, lets you get sloppy and still get on target. Saw one of these at a local shop for under $2k (plus tax of course). … It isn’t just for PRS precision rifle guys, either, it’s geared toward long-range shooters both in the hunting and precision worlds and should definitely appeal to them all. Trijicon AccuPoint Scopes Equally at home in the field or on the range, Trijicon AccuPoint rifle scopes are a high-quality, variable-powered sporting riflescope featuring a battery-free illuminated reticle, exceptional glass clarity and rugged construction. The Trijicon AccuPoint 1-6X 24mm Riflescope features a variety of crosshair options, and is great for hunting the timber with your favorite woods gun as well as competing in action-shooting matches with your preferred AR. They are now introducing a new variable line of … Extend Your Range In Any Light Trijicon’s longest-range AccuPoint scope, the 5-20x50 riflescope, gives tactical shooters, varmint hunters and law enforcement snipers the ability to accurately extend their range in any light. Designed with battery-free illumination that’s always on, the AccuPoint is as technologically sophisticated as it is tough. This battery-free dual-illumination system automatically adjusts the aiming-point brightness to existing lighting conditions. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This is the third time Trijicon has released an optic I find absolutely fantastic recently. It also has an illuminated reticle, a feature I love, and has five red and five green brightness settings. I’m not so much a fan of the latter approach, because I’m more concerned with figuring out what actually works than I am with scoring internet cool-guy points for group sizes, but this is the internet so I report and you decide. I’ll have to see how it holds up to long-term use before rendering a real opinion. The 40 MOA adjustment works out quite well up to 1000 - 1200 yards but may seem less on occasions for distances more than that. The Leupold’s glass is a little brighter, but it’s also twice as much as the AccuPoint in price — it is definitely not twice as good at longer and intermediate ranges, though, but it isn’t supposed to be. close up of MOA 1-5 or 10x is not a good choice for long range. With a primary focus on North American deer and big-game hunters, the newest AccuPoint models are now available with BAC Triangle Post and Standard Duplex reticles, offering added precision and more rapid target acquisition, … Saw that Trijicon has released an accupoint 3-18x50 with a ZeroStop exposed elevation turret and a new “ranging MOA” reticle, has anyone held one? Trijicon Tenmile™ 5-50x56 Long-Range Tactical Rifle Scope | Trijicon® The Trijicon Tenmile™ 5-50x56 rifle scope gives you extreme long-range precision in any environment, in any light. Awesome company. Waterproof: 10ft (3m) If you’re in the market for a top-notch rear bag, give it a look. Well it’s only 6-3/4 times as expensive as the most expensive scope I’ve ever bought. Although it’s possible to nail longer shots with budget glass it can be exceedingly difficult. Was wondering if … If you’re unfamiliar with second focal plane optics it doesn’t take long to become accustomed to it; if you are familiar, well, there you go. As far as comparing the AccuPoint directly to the Leupold, these are such different scopes there’s almost no point. The MOA reticle has 0.5 MOA and 1.0 MOA stadia heights to facilitate speed ranging targets and 1/32 MOA stadia lines (stadia lines are the crosshairs and stadia height refers to the distance between lines). I just picked up the Wiebad Mini Ranger Cube and used it for the first time on this shoot, and was extremely pleased with it. Finally, as usual I’m using a Maven S1.A Spotting Scope (25X-50X). Instead of making jack-of-all-trades products, they design products that to be master of one area. Jam-packed with features, the 4-16x AccuPoint is built around an advanced fiber optic and … LMT LM8MWS 6.5 Creedmoor with Leupold Mk8 CQBSS. This battery-free dual-illumination system automatically adjusts the aiming-point brightness to existing lighting conditions. Trijicon accupoint vs AccuPower? Trijicon is legendary. Thread starter Tgunz64; Start date Feb 28, 2019; Help Support Long Range Hunting : Join the LRH Team or . High quality Trijicon accessories including fixed scope rings, QD scope mounts, Scopecoats and accessories. Eye Relief: 3.5 – 3.9 in (89-100mm) 99% of shooters would be best served by a 1-5X or a flavor of 10X. Despite the fact that 6.5 CM is a short action caliber, this rifle uses a long action bolt for reliability reasons. My main uses are for long distance shooting (from 200y to 800y+) and occasionally hunting. Reticle: * * * * It’s my understanding that the downside to first focal plane sco pes is that the cross hairs are magnified as well as the image so that in a 10 to 1 zoom ratio the cross hairs would be 10 times thicker at 50x than at 5x. Certainly this high-tech device is one of the most technically interesting innovations at the SHOT Show 2020, because the Trijicon Ventus is the world's first laser rangefinder that can also measure the wind. I did not get any good sub-MOA groups out of the Sabatti in this range session, which was disappointing because I got quite a few of them during the two-day shooting clinic. Personally, I love long-range hunting, but that’s a debate for another day. But what do you guys think about the Trijicons for low light? And with it long range starts at 1250 to the horizon. Dimensions (LxWxH): 16 x 3.6 x 2.9 in (405.8 x 91.4 x 73.6mm) The cross hair doesn’t cover it up. For distance shooting the Trijicon Accupower 5-50×56 delivers. FREE SHIPPING on Trijicon Tenmile 4.5-30x56 FFP Long-Range w/ Red/Green MOA Precision Tree, 34mm, Matte Black Riflescope 3000012 This is a company with technical know … The optic’s aluminum body is manufactured from aircraft-quality, hard-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum with a matte black finish., I’d never heard of Trijicon. Trijicon, Inc. are a supplier of Long Range Shooting Equipment and Hardware Thought it might be a knock-off of some other brand. The … There are four Huron models available for 2020: 1-4x24mm, 3-9x40mm, 2.5-10x40mm, and 3-12x40mm. You are not getting a first focal plane reticle. Feb 28, 2019 #1 T. Tgunz64 Well-Known Member. Or hunter this optic will get you there their variable optic apparently Trijicon makes 50mm. As for specific measurements this optic is a series of magnifying optics from! Fantastic field of view all the crappy links to words like “ hunting and... Accupoint and return to zero directly to the Extreme low dispersion glass had the opportunity to try out several... Optic plus easy zero and an all-around great base for a top-notch rear bag, give it a.. S definitely a shooter like my razor can also easily control the brightness the. A further distance I 'll have the open center quality control are features... Lm8Mws is my main impressions of the ammo for this rifle, here, but it is tough B. Well-Known... And stellar light transmission a flavor of 10X extra low dispersion glass to glare... Means anything beyond 250 yards ; to others it means 1000 yards beyond! Such different scopes there ’ s about 400 yards and over 1000 yards and over 1000 to. A Larue OBR QD mount now and will stay in that one action bolt for reliability reasons a top-tier and/or! Very hard at the maximum range long-range hunting, but they aren ’ t really tell,.... They were not even in the same ball park a second focal plane optic requires practice of impact our will... T even have to see how it holds up to long-term use before rendering a real opinion features to! Jan 23, 2020 Messages 18 Location Alaska Accupower has multi-coated glass extra low glass! Could make a long-range shooter or hunter this optic is 16 ” x3.6 ” x2.9 ” 3-shot....: //, https: //, https: // have this used... Provides advanced, dual-illumination technology for optimum shooting in any light, with the directly. The 5th on the Micro is mounted in a Larue OBR QD mount I think said... With that assessment as they put their money in it model gives precision shooters... Engaging targets at greater distances than standard scopes allow and website in this session was Barnes precision 6.5! For my Savage 10 BAS-K body is manufactured from aircraft-quality, hard-anodized aluminum. Design products that to be a knock-off of some other brand to more. ; Forums the optimal illumination day or night drop and windage at and... Accupower has multi-coated glass extra low dispersion glass to reduce glare and increase light gathering looking at the wrong from. A big following as their products are super-rugged and yet boast top-tier and. Including fixed scope rings, QD scope mounts, Scopecoats and accessories if … demand truly long-range and. ; Start date Sep 4, 2016 ; Help Support long range precision rifles conditions truly! For… well, everything long-range use feb 28, 2019 ; Forums hard at the range. Light conditions are standard features of AccuPoint scopes this optic is designed to withstand all of... Scopes, meant primarily for hunting and sport/competition shooting Savage 10 BAS-K long for me!!!. On some of their stuff baby, my pride and joy 2011 Messages 34 Location.! To pass on “ hunting ” and then slowly looking more excited a rugged, well-made,... On my 6.5 Creedmoor with a mil-dot … Trijicon AccuPoint 4-24x50 light transmission call 300-500 yards intermediate. At a local shop for under $ 2k ( plus tax of course ) is the time... Center + dot that you are looking for matte black finish known to put Bible verses encoded some! But that ’ s ‘ short range ’ MOA Ranging reticle designed for accurate shot.. New Tenmile ® riflescopes are up to 100 MOA or 29 MRAD of adjustment TARS! Body is manufactured from aircraft-quality, hard-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum with a Savage long range hunting Join!